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The cult U.S brand launched here in the UK just over a year ago and I have been hooked ever since. For those asking themselves if my Instagram feed is sponsored by CeraVe, with how often I feature their products in my routines – unfortunately not (I wish!), I’m just very loyal to their affordable, effective products. Featuring Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid as the star ingredients across the range, CeraVe is the go-to brand for even the most sensitive of skins. Every product is fragrance, dye, alcohol, SLS and essential oil-free and I truly believe that there is something for everyone in this mix of products. With how much love I’ve got for this brand, it’s finally time for a brand overview of the entire UK range.

Hydrating Cleanser

This is easily the most well-known product from the entire range, and with good reason. I make no exaggeration when I say that this is my holy grail cleanser. Gentle, hydrating, non-stripping, non-foaming and pH balanced, this cleanser should be in every bathroom, regardless of skin type, concerns or age. This is a milky jelly texture that rinses clean with no need for a wash cloth. Cleansing doesn’t have to offer amazing active ingredients, just the simple removal of oil, dirt and pollution. The Hydrating Cleanser ticks all of these boxes, and then some. I’ve been through at least 3 bottles of this and find that the regular 236ml size lasts easily 4-5 months with twice daily use, making this excellent value for an everyday cleanser.

RRP £9/236ml – Available: LookFantastic (Global), Boots (UK).

Foaming Cleanser

Although not pictured, I finished up a full bottle of this gentle, foaming cleanser last summer. This is no Hydrating Cleanser and I don’t love it quite so much, but this does have a place for those that enjoy a foaming gel cleanser that can deeply cleanse without the dreaded ‘squeaky clean’. I would recommend the Hydrating Cleanser to all skin types over this, but if you need a SLS-free foaming gel cleanser, definitely give this a shot.

RRP £9/236ml – Available: LookFantastic (Global), Boots (UK).

Eye Repair Cream

This eye cream contains one of my favourite ingredients: niacinamide. This can help brighten the under-eye and target pigmentation, however, you can get this benefit (and more) from a well-formulated moisturiser, such as those that I’ll be reviewing below. Skip on this to save time in your routine, as well as money, but if you enjoy an eye-specific product, the tube packaging on this, alone, would sell it for me. It is a lightweight gel-cream that absorbs instantly, but you won’t ever hear me advocating for an eye-specific product. Take the money you would spend on this and invest it in a targeted serum.

RRP £11/14ml – Available: LookFantastic (Global), Boots (UK).

Reparative Hand Cream

This creamy hand treatment contains a superstar in hydration: petrolatum. This ingredient doesn’t just instantly hydrate, but it also acts an occlusive, which traps water in the skin, for longer-lasting moisture. If you wash your hands several times per day, a well-formulated hand cream, such as this can be a luxurious treat at the end of the day. Although its slightly heavy for daytime use for my hands, this is extremely affordable and packs amazing ingredients into a small, travel-friendly tube. If you’re looking to cut back on cost, buy a larger size of the Moisturising Lotion/Cream (reviewed below) and use it as a hand and body moisturiser, as well as on your face.

RRP £5.50/50ml – Available: LookFantastic (Global), Boots (UK).

Facial Moisturising Lotion

Although this may look like a new product for the UK market, this is almost an exact replica of the well-known US formulated CeraVe PM Moisturizer, which comes in a tall 89ml pump bottle. Having used both of the formulations, I actually prefer the UK’s variant, as it is less greasy on my skin. When I say ‘less’, I should actually say ‘isn’t’, as the US formulation congested my skin and resulted in whiteheads, whereas this has been nothing but a dream to use. Containing 4% niacinamide, ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this is a fantastic moisturiser for normal, combination and oily skins, but with a lightweight, silky lotion texture, this would not provide enough moisture for drier skin types and I’d recommend the Moisturising Cream over this. This can be used both day and night, but my preference is to apply 3 pumps of this to freshly cleansed skin in the evening. I find that the high niacinamide content is a real game-changer for any post-breakout pigmentation that I may be experiencing. This is my favourite moisturiser of the 4 currently offered and I’ve always got a backup on hand!

RRP £12/52ml – Available: LookFantastic (Global), Boots (UK).

Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 25

The AM counterpart to the PM lotion, this moisturiser offers SPF 25 protection in a creamy base. This is noticeably thicker than the PM moisturiser, but my combination skin can easily absorb a 2 pump application with no residue or oiliness, making this suitable for both dry and combination skin types. This may be too creamy for the most oily of skins. My only complaint with this product is that I have found that it stings my eyes if I apply it too high up on my orbital bone, which isn’t ideal, especially as product will move around during the course of the day. Aside from this, this is a very easy way to implement both sun protection with a corrective treatment, as this also benefits from containing 4% niacinamide. I would love to see the brand offer a higher SPF 50 version of this, as SPF 25 will not be enough protection for my skin during the summer months.

RRP £12/52ml – Available: LookFantastic (Global), Boots (UK).

Moisturising Lotion

This face and body lotion is a more lightweight version of the Facial Moisturising Lotion and behaves more like a hydrating serum on my skin. This product would be amazing for combination-oily skin types for evening use, as it provides ample moisture, in a very silky, easily absorbed base. Drier skins will want to look to the Moisturising Cream over this, but as an all-over moisturiser, including face, body and hands, this is a product that can come in handy for the whole family in any bathroom cabinet.

RRP £9/236ml – Available: LookFantastic (Global), Boots (UK).

Moisturising Cream

This thicker, balm-like moisturiser is a great option for the driest of skins, or those using harsh retinoid/acid treatments, due to the inclusion of petrolatum, which aids prevention of transepidermal water-loss. Although slightly difficult to spread on my skin, I can see this being great for any spots of dry skin. Not one that I will be relying on, personally, but this has a huge cult following on Reddit with those using Tretinoin.

RRP £8.50/177ml – Available: LookFantastic (Global), Boots (UK).

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