CeraVe in the UK

I had serious FOMO over this much-hyped brand for what felt like the longest time. That was until early 2018, when CeraVe finally launched in the UK (albeit, with a limited product range and with different formulations than the US brand offering). The affordable, dermatologist-loved line has a large cult following of dedicated skincare junkies for good reason – they do the basics.. and do them well.


With two options for cleansing, the Hydrating Cleanser stood out to me. I have been using gel cleansers for as long as I can remember, so the idea of a non-foaming, jelly cleanser was interesting. One to one and a half pumps of this is sufficient for my evening cleanse, meaning that it lasts me a solid 4-5 months, even with consistent use. A splash of water to the face before use, then rinsing and following with a towel to prevent any potential residue is the best way to use this cleanser, for me. Packed full of glycerin, hyaluronic acid and ceramides – the result? Hydrated, gently cleansed skin, minus the ‘squeaky clean’ feeling that I avoid at all costs. This is now a staple in my bathroom cabinet!

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser (£9.00/236ml) – Available: LookFantastic (Global) / Boots (UK).


Similarly to cleansers, upon first launch, there were two options for moisturiser: the Moisturising Lotion and Moisturising Cream. Granted, the cream variant is a r/SkincareAddiction holy grail, but I could tell from reading ingredients (petrolatum), and reviews that this would be tipping into the too heavy category for my combination skin. Consequently, I decided on the lotion.

This product surprised me, as it’s the perfect happy medium between thin and thick in a moisturiser, which is often a struggle for me. ‘Too thin to do anything for the drier areas, too thick for the oily areas’ – Combination Skin 101. Hyaluronic acid and ceramides are the key ingredients behind my desire to try this product and although there are definitely more active moisturisers on the market, none will be as great value for money.C

CeraVe Moisturising Lotion (£9.00/236ml) – Available: LookFantastic (Global) / Boots (UK).


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